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Press release:

On January 31, 2022, the acclaimed Cassatt Quartet made the world premiere recording of “GOES A-A-A-H…” The quartet takes its inspiration from Antônio Carlos Jobim’s classic The Girl from Ipanema: “And when she passes, each one she passes goes ‘ah!’"

Commissioned as part of a benefit concert for areas affected by recent fires in the Amazon rainforest, the piece draws on the bossa nova tradition while paying tribute to the spirit of Brazil, and its vast tropical groves. The copious passages for solo instruments heard throughout invoke, at times, the spontaneity of an improvised performance. These moments are counterbalanced by spirited ensemble playing: sometimes tender and expressive, sometimes fiendish and bewildering.

Goes A-a-a-h invites the listener into a lush soundscape between pop and classical, soloist and ensemble, civilization and rainforest: the habitat of this dazzling denizen of Ipanema who is “tall and tan and young and lovely”—a quartet of enchantments.

"GOES A-A-A-H..."

Quartet Bossa Nova for the Brazilian Rainforest

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Cassatt Quartet, 2022

"I strive to engage two inseperable aspects of music—its functional, logical structures, and its ability to be sponteneous, to surprise, and to move. For me, it is at this special meeting place of intellect, discipline, and play where our minds are primed to create."

                                   - Dylan Schneider

In 2022, the world-renowned Cassatt String Quartet recorded Schneider's “GOES A-A-A-H…” and performed the work at thirteen concerts at the Seal Bay Festival of American Chamber Music in Maine, where Schneider served as composer-in-residence.

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